Bathroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to revamping your bathroom, finding the right storage configuration is critical for keeping your space sanitary and clutter-free. Even if the room you’re working on doesn’t come with substantial built-in storage space, you can still find creative bathroom storage ideas to make the most use out of the space you have while staying on target with your budget.

Even if your sink, shower and toilet are already installed and leave you few options for laying out your ideal bathroom setup, you can still implement adequate bathroom storage that wows in both function and form. Check out our bathroom storage ideas below to learn how you can maximize your space and upgrade your bathroom’s look.

Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

One of the most commonly installed categories, bathroom wall storage is a great way to preserve floor space. In a bathroom, wall storage refers to smaller storage units mounted on the walls, such as medicine cabinets, shelving and towel bars. Wall storage for bathrooms is a particularly good idea if your existing closet and cabinet space are limited or you need easier access to certain items.

Bathroom wall storage also keeps your items elevated and safe from wet floor and sink surfaces, so they’re fantastic for storing medicine, perfumes, specialty soaps and other items that shouldn’t come into contact with water. This type of storage is ideal for anyone dealing with limited bathroom space — but be prepared to put a bit more labor into setting it up.

Making Use of Your Cabinets, Closets and Other Built-In Bathroom Storage Units

One of the biggest pitfalls homeowners run into with bathroom storage is not properly utilizing the existing storage — particularly closets and the cabinets beneath the sink. Here are a few tips for optimizing your existing bathroom storage units:

  • Store cleaners, unopened soap bottles and other hazardous or less-accessed items below the sink.
  • Use bins when storing items below the sink and inside your bathroom closet. You can even place dividers or smaller boxes within your bins for further organization.
  • Install additional shelving in your bathroom closets. When it comes to storage, think vertical — most people don’t realize the potential of their “out-of-reach” bathroom space to provide storage solutions.

Sometimes, you can fix your bathroom storage problems by simply optimizing the built-in storage you already have.

Trying Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Especially if you have limited bathroom space, you’ll need to find creative storage ideas. However, this is usually an easy task with so many bathroom storage options available today. Some ideas include:

  • Floor towel baskets for easy towel and washcloth access
  • Movable storage, such as towel racks, tall bins and lightweight shelving you can lean against your walls
  • Compact sink storage units, such as makeup storage, toothbrush holders and mini drawers

The options are virtually endless when it comes to finding new ways to improve your storage methods, so get creative to make the most out of your residential or commercial bathroom space.

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