Commercial Bathroom Sinks

Choosing the right commercial bathroom sink setup during your restroom remodel is incredibly important. Sinks fulfill the vital role of providing a means of sanitation for visitors to your facility, and when chosen well, they can also enhance your restroom’s appearance. The layout and materials of the sink you choose for your public facility is an essential factor in any remodel or construction project.

Is My Choice of Commercial Restroom Sinks Important?

The right type of sink can upgrade a public restroom’s look dramatically. Moreover, having modern sink features such as automatic taps and soap dispensers lets visitors know that your facility takes sanitation seriously while also showing them that you care about convenience. If visitors have to deal with inconveniences like too few sinks for the number of bathroom stalls, frustrating sink fixtures or dirty sanitation areas, there’s a high chance they won’t return to your business at all.

When designing a bathroom for public use, you need to take extra care in deciding how you’ll set up your sink area. A well-designed, capacious sink system will go a long way in impressing visitors.

Why Should I Upgrade My Commercial Bathroom Sinks?

Even if your sinks look attractive, they can still be a pain to visitors if they feature out-of-date elements such as old faucets and handles, stiff soap dispensers and configurations that are stylistically out-of-tune with the rest of your facility’s features. Upgrading your commercial bathroom sinks will bring an appealing modern look to the space and up the convenience factor for visitors — along with the likelihood that more people will wash their hands.

Sometimes, a commercial sink simply needs a style upgrade to better flow with the rest of the bathroom’s design. Other times, it may need a more serene layout. Commercial restrooms today are leaning increasingly toward becoming places of relaxation, particularly for businesses like hotels. If you decide to adopt this idea, your sink should reflect that design choice as well.

Things to Consider When Designing Commercial Restroom Sinks

A sink is a critical component of every commercial restroom. Think of your commercial bathroom sink as the focal point of the space — it needs to have visual appeal for guests while maintaining optimal functionality. Here are the top questions you need to answer before you select a commercial restroom sink for your facility:

  • How many sinks do I need to accommodate regular restroom traffic?
  • Will I remodel my restroom or keep the current design and layout?
  • What features can I automate on my commercial restroom sink?
  • What needs to be improved in my current restroom?
  • What’s my budget for designing and installing a commercial restroom sink?
  • How will I position my mirrors and lighting configurations over the sink?

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