Gym Bathroom Ideas and How to Design a Great One

Hardcore lifting and casual light workouts are standard parts of the American lifetime. But, did you know that the U.S. has the most gym memberships in the world, beating out 2nd placed Germany by around 50 million people?

Your gym must meet the needs of its members, and designing a gym bathroom should be at the top of your list. Listing gym bathroom ideas will enable you to provide the space, features, and amenities that elevate your brand.

Here’s everything you need to know about locker room shower design, what your changing rooms should resemble, and some gym restroom ideas to inspire you.

Partitions for Locker Room BathroomsWhy Should You Care About How the Gym Bathroom Looks?

Most gyms believe that a bathroom is just a bathroom. It needs a toilet, shower, and nothing more. But the most successful gyms understand that the locker room is as important as the workout stations.  After all, who wants to end a workout and go home sweaty?

Locker rooms provide a secure environment for people to store their stuff, clean up, and rest after a hard session at the gym. Understanding what your clients want should form the basis of your bathroom redevelopment.

For example, one study found that 50% of all age groups said cleanliness is a priority when considering a gym membership. If your bathroom is small, covered in dirt, and smells awful, it sends the wrong message about your gym brand.

Another reason you should care about how your gym’s locker room and bathroom look is that these are the areas all your members will use. One study into what American gym goers want to be shown is that the shower and bathroom are the 2nd and 3rd most used gym amenities, respectively.

The pandemic may have devastated the fitness industry across the U.S., with 22% fewer gyms and studios, but Americans still have many choices in this hyper-competitive industry. Making the wrong impression and failing to provide a pampered, luxury gym experience from start to finish will hit your bottom line.

Your gym locker room layout and gym shower design matter. But what makes a gym bathroom stand out for the right reasons?

What Does a Good Gym Bathroom Need to Have?

Developing your plan based on gym bathroom ideas is an excellent starting point, but while styles change, the fundamentals don’t. Every good gym bathroom consists of several vital functions to fulfill the needs of your members.

Here’s a rundown of the six basics every bathroom should have.


Selecting a clean gym is one of the top priorities of gym-goers everywhere. Choosing a layout and bathroom materials that are simple to clean will help your gym maintain an impeccable hygiene standard.

Skin infections are the most common source of illness in the gym, and it should come as no surprise that herpes simplex, impetigo, and ringworm originate from the bathroom. An estimated one in three Americans has a skin infection, making this the biggest threat to your gym’s reputation.

One of the best locker room design ideas is to select shower and bathroom partitions that prevent moisture buildup. Since moisture provides a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria, moisture-resistant partitions can limit the risk of an outbreak at your gym.


Old-school gyms traditionally chose communal showers, but times have changed. For obvious reasons, private shower facilities are a must-have for any locker room.  Many people go to the gym because they are trying to lose weight. However, only some people feel comfortable showing off their bodies to others.

Furthermore, individual shower cubicles must have lockable doors so your members can feel safe and secure while washing up. With that in mind, your showers must always be a safe space for everyone.


Many people going to the gym live hectic lifestyles. The average gym goer wants to get in and out to continue their day. The last thing anyone wants after a hard workout is to wait for a toilet or shower cubicle to become free.  Although this may be unavoidable during busy periods, your bathroom layout should aim to accommodate more toilet and shower cubicles.

Build a larger locker room to house more cubicles and enable your members to freshen up quickly.


Showers, bathrooms, and changing facilities are when your members are most vulnerable. Give people the peace of mind that the locker room is a safe space for everybody.

Nobody wants to have to leave their gym bags close to the shower cubicle because they are worried about theft. Install a keypad with a PIN code on the main locker room door and the lockers themselves. It’s also a great idea to have different codes for the male and female locker rooms to prevent harassment on your premises.

Attractive Design

Looking at gym bathroom ideas will enable you to get inspired about how to incorporate a luxury feel into your locker room. As a gym owner, you want your members to feel comfortable in your bathroom while promoting your brand.

There’s a reason why gym chains like Planet Fitness use bright, bold colors to differentiate themselves from the competition. Like any other space, create a cohesive brand while ensuring your bathroom is inviting and comfortable.  Your clients are less forgiving than ever. According to one study, a business has just 27 seconds to make an excellent first impression. An ugly, dirty, and cramped bathroom will destroy your brand.

Improving the perception of your bathroom begins with coming up with a customized design. Working with a professional designer to develop customized solutions will give your gym the competitive edge it needs.

Towel Dispensers

Offering a clean towel to everyone who uses your gym is another perk that can help separate your gym from its competitors. While not a standard amenity, it’s certainly one that can stand out.

Towel dispensers are a great perk in the same vein as providing toiletries. You may also want to invest in a towel tracker solution to reduce theft or opt for a deposit system to ensure you’re not losing money.


An increasing number of gyms provide complimentary toiletries from shower dispensers to attract people to sign up for membership at their gyms.

Adding toiletries makes sense because it enables your members to shower and clean up without worrying about whether they have remembered to bring their own. In addition, bulk toiletries for your showers are surprisingly affordable, with wholesale pricing helping you cut down on your expenditure.

Get Started on Your New Gym Restroom Now

Your gym’s restroom is an essential part of your business. Pay special attention to creating a bathroom with the security, privacy, and cleanliness your members expect.

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