Chapter 6: Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Brushed Stainless Steel Bathroom StallsStainless steel bathroom partitions are the go-to choice for elegance and quality. As one of the strongest metals on earth, a stainless steel partition is built to last, even with frequent use. Stainless steel bathroom stalls also play a vital role in keeping large busy restrooms clean because they maintain smooth surfaces that can’t trap bacteria.

In this chapter, we’ll explore the various stainless steel bathroom stalls available and talk about the benefits. If you’re wondering if stainless steel is the best way to go for your business, but aren’t sure, feel free to ask us questions.

Colors Available

Although you won’t find stainless steel available in an array of bright colors, you can choose from different textures to make a bathroom more appealing. We offer the following varying textures to help create a contemporary and attractive restroom:

Design Ideas

Stainless steel is extremely versatile and fits beautifully into any type of bathroom. Whether your bathroom walls are bright purple or barely-there beige, stainless steel partitions will blend in seamlessly. Here are a couple of ways you might include stainless steel partitions into your overall design:

Make a Bathroom Feel Expansive

If you clean stainless steel partitions to a high shine, you’ll create reflective surfaces that make a bathroom look and feel larger. Combine stainless steel with bright walls and tons of natural or artificial light, and you’ll make a small bathroom feel even more spacious.

Add Warmth With Stainless Steel

Stainless steel partitions do not have to feel cold and institutional. On the contrary, they can easily be part of a warm and welcoming restroom. You can make a bathroom with stainless steel partitions feel more inviting by incorporating natural wood elements, warm wall colors and soft lighting. Bold accents like wall art can add splashes of color to a bathroom with stainless steel stalls. To make the bathroom more interesting, consider installing textured stainless steel partitions, like those with a Diamond or Leather Finish, for an overall attractive, modern look.


Stainless steel is an in-demand material across the globe with a market size worth more than $111 billion. Business owners around the world know the value of stainless steel — toilet partitions included. Stainless steel has many benefits, such as:


Stainless steel bathroom stalls start at about $700 per stall. Our pricing tool will give you a more accurate quote, or you can speak to one of our designers for assistance.

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