Most Unique Restaurant Bathrooms

Last updated on April 30th, 2018 at 07:54 pm

Most Unique Restaurant Bathrooms

A bathroom is a bathroom, right? Some creative designers disagree. Most restaurant bathrooms serve their purpose, but you don’t exactly want to hang around too long. However, some restaurant bathrooms take the experience to new levels — the kind of experience that makes you want to look around, lounge a bit in the stall and marvel at the creativity that went into the restaurant bathroom designs. In fact, it may take a fellow patron knocking on the door to remind you you’re actually in a restroom.

Want to see what we’re talking about? You don’t have to travel all over in search of the most creative restaurant bathrooms in the world. We’re bringing them to you right here in the comfort of your own home — or restaurant bathroom stall.

18 Most Interesting Restaurant Bathrooms

Here are 18 of our favorite restaurant bathrooms from around the country:

  1. Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade: Portland, Oregon

If you’re a fan of Pac-Man or classic video games in general, head to Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland, Oregon. Not only do you get to play your favorite arcades and sip your favorite craft beers, but you get to enjoy one of the most creative restrooms around. The restroom in this adult arcade fits the theme of the hotspot perfectly. Instead of the traditional “Men’s” and “Women’s” signs on the restroom doors, you’ll find “Pac-Man” and “Ms. Pac-Man” to help you find the correct one. Once you step inside, the Pac-Man theme really hits you.

Instead of boring solid colored tiles, the bathroom features tiles arranged to look like a Pac-Man game screen, complete with the maze lines, dots and ghosts. The mirrors look like pixelated mazes, and colored lights highlight the faucet area, further creating the video game feel. You may get confused and think you’ve somehow entered one of the video games.

  1. Liberty Market: Gilbert, Arizona

Liberty Market in Gilbert, Arizona, sets itself apart by crafting inventive dishes with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, but that’s not the only thing that sets this restaurant apart from the competition. The bathrooms are so unique, they were actually entered into an America’s Best Bathroom Contest.

What makes the restroom at Liberty Market so unique? The first difference is the fact that the bathroom is unisex, with individual stalls that run from floor to ceiling — no worries about someone peeking under or over the stall divider. The stalls open up to a common sink area.

The stalls themselves are the real differentiating factor, though. No two stalls are the same in the restroom. Each of the four co-owners, plus the son of one co-owner, designed one of the five stalls with completely different themes that represent them as individuals. Each stall even has its own music designed to complement the design.

One Vespa-inspired stall features Italian landscape murals and a Vespa tire. Another features hand-written recipes, tiles like those in the kitchen and cooking utensils suspended from the stall ceiling. You’ll definitely want to check out each stall. The staff takes extra care to clean the stalls frequently.

  1. Departure: Portland, Oregon

Departure, a modern Pan-Asian restaurant in the iconic Meier & Frank Building, offers sweeping views of Portland, but you may find yourself just as intrigued by the design inside the restaurant. The décor takes you on a trip through time, starting with a nod to the industrial beginnings of Portland and ending in the bathrooms with their futuristic design.

The Departure in Portland, OR Bathroom

Stainless steel fixtures create the basis for the futuristic look. In the men’s restroom, the light appears to have a red glow, while the women’s restroom takes on a gold glow. You definitely feel like you’re in a different time in the Departure restrooms.

  1. Smith & Mills: New York City, New York

If you prefer to go back in time for your bathroom experience, check out the restroom at Smith & Mills, a restaurant in New York City located in an old carriage house. The charm of that location permeates the entire restaurant, including the restroom, which is located inside an elevator car from 1902.

The sink comes from an old railcar and requires you to lift it to drain into the wall. This bathroom definitely gives you lots of interesting details that may make you linger a little longer than normal.

  1. Safe House: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

This spy theme of Safe House carries to the restrooms, starting with a series of mazes just to get to them. Men have an extra challenge. They must choose between two doors. One opens to a brick wall with a sign saying “Whoa.” If you choose correctly, you enter the actual restroom with FBI and CIA on the stalls. Giant eyeballs decorate the inside of the stalls, giving you the feeling of being watched while you use the restroom. A peephole lets you look down into the bar to see what’s happening even while you’re taking care of business.

The women’s restroom includes some surprises as well, starting with the naked poster of Burt Reynolds with a metal heart covering his private area. If you take a peek under the heart, everyone knows it, thanks to alarms that go off in the bar.

  1. Steamworks: Vancouver, BC

The steam-powered craft beer production isn’t the only thing that stands out at Vancouver’s Steamworks. The women’s restroom features creative double-toilet stalls to comply with a city ordinance requiring the venue to offer 20 toilets for women.

The large stalls feature two shorter toilets with a divider large enough to provide privacy, yet small enough to allow eye contact to easily continue a conversation. This design plays into the idea of women going to the restroom in pairs.

  1. Morimoto: New York City, New York

Head to Morimoto in New York City for amazing Japanese fusion fare. While you’re there, don’t miss the chance to visit the restrooms. Artist Takeshi Miyakawa uses mirrors to create a beautiful illusion. The mirror placement reflects cherry blossoms in a seemingly endless row.

The toilets also get patrons talking. The high-tech porcelain thrones feature automatic lid opening, flushing and deodorizing. A bidet feature on the toilet lets you choose from various water pressure levels. You may want to move in with high-end toilets like these.

  1. Boca: Cincinnati, Ohio
    The bathrooms at Boca in Cincinnati, OH

The bathrooms at Boca in Cincinnati are like a choose-your-own adventure series. The menu at the restaurant includes a mix of modern Italian and French food, but the bathrooms break conventions, with a different theme in each of the six restrooms. On the outside, all six co-ed restrooms appear similar, all with red doors on the entrance. Once you enter the door, you notice a distinct theme.

The themes of the stalls include:

  • A cooking theme featuring menus from restaurants that inspired the owner
  • 19th century horse-drawn carriages in a French countryside theme
  • Art nouveau Spirograph design
  • Opera theme with custom wallpaper featuring images of people seated in balcony boxes at the opera
  • A striped design with contrasting round lines
  • A bold room with a red background and whimsical zebra images
  1. Proof on Main: Louisville, Kentucky

Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky, pairs local Kentucky ingredients with an American Nouvelle style in its 21C Museum Hotel location. You’ll find a variety of art throughout the hotel with the goal of incorporating that art into everyday life. This extends to the restrooms, where one-way mirrors over the urinals let you see the people and the artwork outside the bathroom without anyone seeing in.

The mirror also becomes an art display itself, with LED monitors embedded in the glass with images of eyes displaying on them. The urinal is also quite unique. When you step up to use the waterfall-style urinal, the water starts flowing down the wall.

  1. Way Station: Brooklyn, New York

If you’re a “Doctor Who” fan, you must add the restroom at the Way Station to your bucket list. From the outside, the bathroom looks like the TARDIS. The inside of the restroom is just as interesting, with murals and decorations on the wall that fit the theme.

It’s a single bathroom right in plain sight in the bar, so don’t spend too much time admiring the inside, or you may have an angry line of fellow patrons waiting for you when you emerge.

  1. Rivea at The Delano: Las Vegas, Nevada

The next time you’re in Vegas, take a break from the slot machines to head to The Delano. Go up to the 64th floor, where you’ll find the Rivea, a French-Italian restaurant with an attached nightclub. Not missing a chance to capitalize on those high views of Vegas, the restrooms let you look down on the strip below.

The bathroom at Rivea at The Delano in Las Vegas

The toilets in the women’s restroom include floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can marvel at the lights on the Las Vegas Strip even while you use the toilet. The men’s restroom features large glass walls surrounding the urinals, so men won’t miss out on those views either.

  1. Main Street Station: Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re already in Vegas to see the Rivea restrooms, add another casino to your list: Main Street Station. The casino, hotel and brewery harbors an unexpected piece of history in the men’s restroom. When you step up to use the urinals, you’ll notice the wall behind it looks old. That’s because it is actually part of the Berlin Wall. The bathroom was under construction when the wall came down, so the designer enlisted the help of a friend to get sections of the wall. Glass covers the wall in case patrons decide to urinate on the wall and everything it represented.

While women won’t find a section of the Berlin wall in the ladies’ room, they can still take a peek. Security guards are willing to escort women into the men’s restroom to get a glimpse at the Berlin wall segments.

  1. Habana Outpost: Brooklyn, New York

The restroom at Habana Outpost is a brilliant example of a space that reflects the overall theme of the restaurant. The eco-friendly eatery carries that eco-consciousness to the restroom, which makes you feel like you’re outdoors, thanks to a glass ceiling, ferns and lots of other little outdoor touches.

But the restroom goes even further, using rainwater to flush the toilet. Local architecture students created the system, which uses gutters to collect the water and plant roots to filter the rainwater. A holding tank keeps the filtered water ready until someone flushes.

  1. Charleston Distilling: Charleston, South Carolina

While not so much of a restaurant, Charleston Distilling is definitely worthy of a spot on the most unique bathroom list. Two giant whiskey barrels house the two restrooms in the distillery.

The wooden design fits right into the décor and ambiance of the distillery and tasting room. The inside of the whiskey barrel restroom maintains the vibe, with more rich wood.

  1. Cibo Wine Bar: Miami, Florida

A trip way down south in Miami gives you the chance to see another noteworthy restaurant bathroom. Regular restroom basics get an artistic makeover in a blend of old-world charm and modern industrial style. The faucets are one of the most notable features in the restroom. Water runs from the ceiling-mounted faucets, which look a bit like shower heads. The water flow is motion-activated, so you don’t have to worry about touching dirty faucet handles.

The restroom becomes even more appealing, thanks to artwork displayed in the room. Mesh wire sculptures are among the décor.

  1. The Salty Pig: Boston, Massachusetts 

The name of this Boston restaurant is memorable enough, but the bathrooms push this establishment over the edge. The restroom features “The Far Side” comic strips plastered all over the walls, giving you some funny reading material while you dry your hands.

The Salty Pig bathroom in Boston, MA

You’ll want to visit the restaurant again and again to read even more of the comics.

  1. The Oak Bar at the Hermitage Hotel: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville offers plenty of sights and sounds, but the men’s restroom in the Oak Bar at the Hermitage Hotel is a fun side stop while you’re in town. The art deco bathroom has been around for some time, and due to popular demand, the hotel decided to preserve the restroom in its original condition.

When you walk into the restroom, you notice the bold green and black color scheme. The wall tiles create green stripes on a black background. Lime green fixtures add to the unique color scheme. A two-chair shoeshine station adds to the historic ambiance of the restroom. Many politicians and business people sat in those shoeshine chairs making deals back in the day. The bathroom is so well known that even women want to sneak a peek, with permission from the hotel security guard, of course.

  1. Lena Brava: Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City boasts great food, great museums and at least one great bathroom. At Lena Brava, you feel like you’re transported to another location, thanks to the custom wallpaper featuring images of agave fields. The detailed design shows agave plants on the lower portion with a bright blue sky dotted with billowy clouds. Just don’t get so caught up in the wallpaper that you forget you’re actually in the West Loop and not in a field in Mexico.

Let Us Help You Design the Ultimate Restaurant Bathroom

Did you find inspiration in our tour of unique restaurant bathrooms? The restaurant décor and menu receive a lot of attention, but designing a unique bathroom can make the experience that much better for patrons. A unique restroom helps carry the theme of the restaurant and earns your business extra press. Who wouldn’t want to come visit a TARDIS restroom or a toilet with 64th-floor views of Vegas?

Check out our options, and start creating your restroom design to land your business on a list of most unique restaurant bathrooms.