Bathroom Stall Poetry

Inspiration strikes at the most unexpected of times. In some cases, it’s a song on the radio that perfectly captures your feelings. Other times, it’s a chance meeting with an old friend. And sometimes it’s a witty poem on a bathroom stall wall.

Some of the best ideas come about in the bathroom, as these bathroom stall writings clearly show. From inspirational bathroom stall quotes to hilarious bathroom humor, encountering poetry on bathroom stalls is sure to improve your day.

bathroom stall poetry

The Best of Bathroom Poetry

What makes a great bathroom stall poem or quote? It really is a mixed bag, but the quotes that make our favorites list all have something unique about them. Some of the key elements of an all-time-great bathroom quote include:

  • Humor: Going to the bathroom is one of those must-do activities that isn’t exactly entertaining. Humorous bathroom quotes add a little bit of fun to a mundane task. Many of the quotes and poems highlighted here have at least a hint of humor, if not a full-on joke designed to make you laugh out loud.
  • Irony: Another popular element of bathroom stall quotes is irony. It makes you chuckle. It makes you think. And it sets the quote apart.
  • Bathroom theme: Another popular thread throughout the best bathroom quotes is an actual bathroom theme. While some we’ve seen get a little too raunchy, many subtly hint at bathroom activities, which makes them perfect, considering the setting.
  • Clever: Have you ever read something and wondered who was clever enough to come up with it? It might not always happen in the bathroom, but it does happen when you come across a particularly clever bathroom poet.
  • Friendly reminders: Sometimes you really want to tell people to stop being so gross or rude when it comes to the state they leave the bathroom in. Rather than being too blunt, bathroom poetry that subtly reminds bathroom users to clean up after themselves is always a hit.
  • Twist on a classic: Some of the best examples of bathroom poetry take a twist on a classic, whether that’s a certain type of poem, an inspirational quote or an old Irish blessing. These clever sayings get an extra dose of humor because they mimic something serious or inspirational, but with a funny twist.

What Makes a Great Bathroom Stall Quote?

United by the Toilet Seat

The quote: “Our butt cheeks have touched the same surface. We are brothers. We are one.”

Why we love it: How can you not smile when you see this? Of course, if you’re one of the butt cheek brothers involved, those giggles may quickly fade into horror or disgust as you let the thought sink in. It’s one of those things that you don’t really stop to think about — at least until someone writes it on the bathroom stall right where you can see it!

This quote is one that you may appreciate a little more if you’re not actually sitting on the seat at the time.

Live (Bathroom) Life to the Fullest

The quote: “Poop every poop like it’s your last poop.”

Why we love it: It’s only natural to go straight for the potty humor when it comes to writings on bathroom stalls, and who can resist this little gem? We love this one because it reads like a true inspirational quote, but it’s a hilarious take on the “live life to the fullest” theme.

And when you think about, any trip to the bathroom could be your last one, so this quote really does fulfill the inspirational quote qualification — with a dose of humor on the side.

Old Irish Blessing

Bathroom Stall Quote: Old Irish Blessing

The quote: “May your life be like a roll of toilet paper: long and useful.”

Why we love it: You can’t have too many Irish blessings in your life, and this one takes the throne — the porcelain throne, that is. It’s like one of those old Irish blessings you see everywhere, but with a bathroom-themed twist, making it the perfect way to dress up a bathroom stall. And while it does have that bathroom tone, this quote doesn’t get dirty or raunchy.

It truly is the perfect blend of inspirational and funny, suitable for audiences (or bathroom patrons) of all ages. Plus, it leaves you uplifted when all you really intended to do was relieve yourself.

Let It Happen Naturally

The quote: “Don’t force it.”

Why we love it: This bathroom stall quote is short, sweet and humorous. When applied to life in general, this quote is a solid piece of advice. Don’t force a bad relationship. Don’t force feelings that aren’t really there. Don’t force a career path that just isn’t right for you. Forcing anything in life is usually a bad idea.

The humor comes in when you apply it to bathroom functions. While it doesn’t come right out and introduce bathroom-related words, that intention is definitely there behind those three short words. Call us immature, but it makes us giggle every time.

Don’t Worry About What They Think

The quote: “Dance like no one is watching. Poop like no one is in here.”

Why we love it: This one starts off like a quote you’ve heard many times, and the message is a solid one. Who cares what other people think? Dance and have a good time anyway. The second line is where things start heading toward potty humor.

Most people have had that experience of needing to go number two in a public restroom, but not having the desired level of privacy that makes them comfortable enough to do so. This quote inspires you to just let it go, whether you’re sharing the bathroom or not.

Toilet Users Beware

Bathroom Stall Quote: Toilet Users Beware

The quote: “Beware of limbo dancers.”

Why we love it: This quote works best on bathroom stall doors with arrows pointing toward the bottom of the bathroom door. Someone thought long and hard to come up with this clever bathroom stall door decoration. Plus, it’s just plain hilarious. Once you stop giggling, this quote may actually make you start thinking.

Could someone actually limbo that low? And if so, how in the world is it possible? One piece of advice: don’t take this bathroom quote as a challenge. Being hauled out of a public restroom due to a limbo injury is something you might never live down.

Octopus Helper

The quote: “Give me all your coats while I watch you poop.”

Why we love it: Those double hooks on bathroom stall doors are so handy, aren’t they? But have you ever noticed how they look just like an octopus? The two hooks make the perfect octopus tentacles. Draw a few extra tentacles on the door, and you drive home the octopus idea even more. Now, add the quote and you have a fun little piece of bathroom stall art to make people chuckle — or to make people start wondering if someone really is watching them go to the bathroom.

Either way, the octopus bathroom art gets people thinking.

You’ve Been Warned

You Have Been Warned Bathroom Stall Quotes

The quote: “Listen … There’s no time to explain. Pull up your pants and start running.”

Why we love it: Imagine sitting down to take care of business, only to look up and see this ominous message. Do you continue doing the deed? Do you heed the warning and get the heck out of there? Laugh out loud? We would definitely go the laughing route.

We love this quote because it’s creative and humorous. You can make it even funnier by adding a very common name, such as Mike or Matt, right after “Listen.” Imagine the surprise when someone with that name sits down to use the facilities.

Spread Love … Somewhere Else

The quote: “Love one another. Just not here.”

Why we love it: This may be a little more appropriate in a bar or other adults-only establishment, but we think it’s hilarious without being out of line. In some cases of actual bathroom graffiti, one original bathroom artist writes, “Love one another.” Someone else comes along later and says, “Just not here.”

This bathroom quote is funny, but it also drives home a solid point: don’t get busy with a hook-up in the bathroom. No one wants to walk in on that. We’re all for love, just not that kind of love and definitely not in the bathroom.

Harry Potty Humor

Bathroom Stall Quotes: Harry Potty and the Chamber of Secrets

The quote: “The Chamber of Secrets is in the next stall.”

Why we love it: How do you pique the curiosity of a “Harry Potter” fan? Post this clever bathroom quote in one of your bathroom stalls to make patrons start wondering. Is the next stall special? Should I take a peek? Am I spending too much time pondering bathroom wall writings? If you get to this point, the answer is definitely “yes.”

But this quote option does lighten the mood for anyone who chooses the lucky stall. This would be even better if the bathroom had only one stall. It leaves people wondering, “Where is this mysterious next stall that contains the Chamber of Secrets?”

A Touch of Irony

The quote: “Things I Hate: 1. Vandalism 2. Irony 3. Lists”

Why we love it: This list is full of hilarious contradictions, and we can’t get enough of it. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t think of this clever bathroom wall display ourselves. Whatever the reason, it makes us smile, and it makes a funny and clever point.

Fearless Farter

The quote: “Be fearless … Fart as loud as your anus will allow.”

Why we love it: How many times have you gone to the bathroom, only to hold it in for fear of someone hearing you pass gas? Sure, it’s embarrassing. And you may elicit some snickers from fellow bathroom users. But we’re with the wise author of this bit of wisdom. Don’t let fear hold you back, whether it’s asking out that girl you have a crush on, pursuing your career goals or letting one rip. Just not necessarily in that order, mind you, and definitely not at the same time.

Sad User

The quote: “Here I sit all broken hearted. Came to poop, but only farted.”

Why we love it: This simple little poem brings in elements of humor and does a good job of rhyming. Plus, it’s a relatable conundrum that many people can appreciate. This is one of those examples of bathroom humor that definitely includes a few potty words, but doesn’t come across as too crass or inappropriate.

Who Is the Moron?

Bathroom Stall Quotes: Who is the Moron?

The quote: “What moron writes on the bathroom walls?”

Why we love it: Ah, irony at its best. While “moron” might be a bit harsh, this bathroom wall quote gets the point across. And since the writer is ironically calling himself a moron, we can look past the name-calling. It’s short, clever and a bit humorous.

Mutual Satisfaction

The quote: “We aim to please. Won’t you please aim?”

Why we love it: Anyone who has ever had to clean a bathroom — particularly a public bathroom — can appreciate this clever bathroom stall saying. It doesn’t seem like a warning you should need to give to adults, yet some people do need to hear it. Basically, we love this bathroom quote because it’s a polite way of asking people to not pee all over the place.

This quote would actually make a nice wall hanging for each bathroom stall. Print it up, frame it and hang it where it’s clear for everyone to see. It may not help, but at least you tried.

Bathroom Etiquette

The quote: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

Why we love it: This is a classic reminder for young kids to clean up after themselves. Unfortunately, many adults need the same message, which you’ve likely witnessed if you’ve ever used a public restroom. This is another bathroom quote that a business owner might even consider printing and posting in your bathroom stalls. After all, it makes your job of cleaning up the bathroom stalls a little less gross.

Another version of this quote that works just as well is, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” “Seatie” may not be a real word, but it adds a playful rhyming touch to this version.

Shakespearean Inspiration

Shakespearean Bathroom Stall Quotes

The quote: “If grace can come from Shakespeare’s tales, then I’m sure something can be done about the way this bathroom smells.”

Why we love it: Okay, so it’s no Shakespearean sonnet, and it doesn’t even rhyme. But this fun little poem does add a humorous touch to the elephant in the room that is the sometimes not-so-pleasant smell. We’re not sure a poem on a bathroom stall will actually make a difference in terms of the aroma, but perhaps the humorous tone of the poem can distract you long enough to forget about the bad odors created by your fellow bathroom users.

Just a Lonesome Cry

The quote: “A fart is the lonesome cry of an imprisoned turd.”

Why we love it: This bathroom wall quote definitely goes straight for the potty humor, but it also disguises itself as a deep thought on the subject. The verbiage used in this quote takes on a poetry-like quality, adding to the contradicting ideas of poetic prose and fart jokes. It’s sure to be a hit in the men’s restroom.

Express Lane

The quote: “Express lane: 5 beers or less.”

Why we love it: This fun little twist on the grocery store express lane sign works best above one urinal in the men’s bathroom. Not only is it funny, but it could actually make bathroom traffic flow faster if patrons heed the instructions. Even if they don’t, it gives the men something to laugh about while they wait for a urinal.

Help Me

The quote: “Help! I’m being held prisoner in a toilet paper factory!”

Why we love it: This one doesn’t go on the bathroom stall itself. Instead, it goes on the toilet paper roll. This one works best when you unroll the toilet paper most of the way, write the message and roll the toilet paper back up. Somewhere down the line, some lucky bathroom user finds the message and gets a good laugh out of the deal.

We love this one because it’s cute and funny. Plus, it doesn’t actually deface the bathroom stall partition.

Don’t Mind the Camera

The quote: “Toilet camera is for research purposes only.”

Why we love it: This is another one of those bathroom wall writings that make you stop and think. Of course you know it’s a joke, and it will definitely cause at least a snicker. But some people will definitely spend time pondering this situation. A few may even go searching, just to make sure the funny line is just that: a funny joke with a very relevant bathroom theme.

Bathroom Ping Pong

Bathroom Stall Quotes: Ping Pong

The quote: Straight ahead on the door: “Let’s play toilet ping pong. Look to the left.” On the left wall: “Look to the right.” On the right wall: “Look to the left.”

Why we love it: Who says a trip to the bathroom has to be boring? This quote turns bathroom time into a fun little game. It starts when you naturally look straight ahead and notice the initial invitation to play toilet ping pong. Of course, you can’t ignore it, and you will definitely look to the left. And since you’ve already started, you might as well keep going. You’ll definitely look right at least once to satisfy your curiosity.

How long you play is up to you — and your ping pong skills. Just don’t get too caught up in the game. You may end up spending a little more time than you planned in the bathroom — and you may be brought back to reality with pounding on the door from other people waiting to have a turn.

Olden Days

The quote: “In the days of old, when knights were bold, and toilets weren’t invented, they’d drop their load, by the road, and ride away contented.”

Why we love it: This bathroom wall poem truly sounds like a poem. It has rhythm. It has rhyming. And it’s got a touch of humor in the mix. This bathroom stall poem also gives you a good appreciation for modern plumbing. Sitting in the privacy and comfort of a modern bathroom stall is definitely a better option than stopping along the side of the road to take care of business.

To Life

The quote: “If life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, then let’s all get wasted together and have the time of our lives.”

Why we love it: This is another one of those quotes that reads very much like an actual inspirational quote. You may not head to the bathroom for life wisdom, but you’ll definitely gain a little from this quote. While it’s a bit funny, it also has some solid meaning behind it. Life is short, so spend it having fun. Another unique aspect of this bathroom wall quote is the repeated use of the words “life,” “waste” and “time.” Of course, the adult nature of this quote makes it better for a bar or similar adult-only venues.

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Bathroom Stall Poetry and Quotes

Bathroom poetry and quotes add a fun little twist to any trip to the bathroom. A little potty humor is the perfect way to turn around a crappy day. Some bathroom wall poetry is so epic it becomes legend and becomes a highlight of any trip to your establishment.

But what’s bathroom stall poetry without the perfect bathroom stall? At One Point Partitions, we offer a wide range of bathroom stall partitions to give your customers privacy — and maybe even serve as the perfect canvas for inspirational quotes on bathroom stalls. Contact us to get started on your quote for new bathroom stalls for your business.

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